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Power Straight® Anti-Slice Golf Club Coating is a patented friction reducing nano-polymer coating scientifically-engineered to reduce or eliminate side spin off the face of a golf club to correct a slice or hook.

Physics of Golf

It’s Pure Golf Physics

Power Straight® will absolutely reduce side spin on the ball to fix your slice. It’s pure science. Reduce friction and you reduce side spin (the reason you slice or hook).

Additionally, by reducing side spin, Power Straight’s self-correcting golf club coating will help you hit drives up to 13% longer.

Power Straight® works in seconds – no drills, lessons, or training aids required. Just spray on your club face and play. Each application lasts a full round. Works better than any anti-slice tee, anti-slice driver or anti-slice / self-correcting golf ball.

Since each bottle contains more than 50 applications, fixing your slice with Power Straight® costs only pennies a round.

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