Power Straight® works every time.

It’s absolute – reduce the friction that causes sidespin and you reduce your slice.

If you've played over 100 rounds over the last 3 years with a consistent slice and you don’t think it helped you gain more accuracy off the tee…

  • Get a refund on your product
  • Take a couple of weeks off
  • Then sell all your golf equipment and quit the game forever!
    (Maybe take up fishing. It will save you a lot of frustration.)

Power Straight® is a patented friction reducing nano-polymer coating scientifically-engineered to reduce or eliminate sidespin off the face of a golf club to correct a slice or hook up to 72%.

Since each bottle contains more than 50 applications, fixing your slice with Power Straight® costs only pennies a round.

More tips for beginners:

In addition to using Power Straight® to fix your slice, it helps to know the basics: stance, grip and swing. Here are golf tips links from the most reputable golf instruction sources:

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