Golf Slice Basics

Of course the golf slice is the most troublesome problem in golf. While Power Straight® can absolutely help decrease your slice up to 72%, you should still work on the basics to lower your score even further.

Here are a few basic pointers on improving your slice:


Your Stance:

A poor stance (i.e. if you open your left shoulder) can lead to a slice. To ensure you have the proper stance, you need to make sure your left shoulder is pointing at the target. Your left for should be beneath your left shoulder. Then, slightly bend your knees (keeping them loose) as you prepare to strike the ball.

Your Grip:

While you want to keep your arms loose, you should have a secure, firm grip on the club. A loose grip will cause you to slice. You also want to check your hand position. With the clubface square on your target, you should be able to see at least two knuckles on your left hand (more knuckles is fine, but less is a problem). Check the “V” between the knuckle and thumbs on both hands. They should be pointing toward your right shoulder. If your grip and stance are all in order, then its time to work on the most difficult problem – your swing.

Your Swing:

Your swing can be broken down into two key components: your backswing and your downswing.

For a proper backswing, you should twist with your shoulders and torso, never twist or hinge your wrists. Your left shoulder should cross your chest a bit and the shaft should be over shoulder at the top, not your head.

The most important thing to remember about your downswing is not to lift (or push with) your arms. Shift your weight to your front foot and turn your body towards your target while dropping your left arm down your torso. Your wrists should be soft but steady as you allow the club to swing (which should feel more like throwing a ball than hitting it).

Perfecting your golf swing can be tricky. Movements that feel right and natural can be completely wrong, causing you to slice. And the correct movements can feel awkward or out of control. For most, it takes a lot of practice to get it right. If you still struggle even after all your practice, you still have Power Straight® to reduce your slice.

Note: Since you really can’t see your swing, it helps to have a friend or a video camera to check your position throughout.

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